Top 3 tech, startup and sustainability stories of the week, May 20th – 24th, 2024

Microsoft’s Copilot+ PCs, UK’s AI move in the US and ChatGPT 4o are the top 3 stories of the past week

1-Microsoft launched Copilot+ PCs

Microsoft brought Copilot+ to PCs, signaling the AIPC era, the company announced. Those PCs will be able to achieve more AI tasks without calling on cloud data centers and the new PCs to start at USD999, begin shipping on June 18.

Microsoft introduced a tool named “Recall,” which will assist users find files and other data that they have seen on their PC, even if it was a tab opened in a web browser. The company also revealed its Copilot voice assistant acting as a real-time virtual coach to a user playing the Minecraft video game.

Yusuf Mehdi, who is in charge of consumer marketing at Microsoft, explained the company forecasts 50 million AI PCs to be sold by next year. Currently, 11 AIPC models, including from Microsoft, Samsung, HP, Dell and Asus, are open for pre-order.

Let me add that global PC shipments fell down around 15% to 242 million last year, according to Gartner.  

Microsoft launched Copilot+ PCs (Photo: Microsoft / website)

2-UK to open AI Safety Institute’s office in US

UK’s AI safety institute to open an office in the United States this summer, hoping to support larger international cooperation on the regulation of a fast-moving technology.

 “Opening our doors overseas and building on our alliance with the US is central to my plan to set new, international standards on AI safety, which we will discuss at the Seoul summit this week,” UK’s technology minister Michele Donelan said.

Let me note that the expansion will allow the U.K. to tap into the wealth of tech talent available in the Bay Area, engage with the world’s largest AI labs headquartered in both London and San Francisco, and cement relationships with the United States to advance AI safety for the public interest, according to the UK government. (By the way I have a story here )

A quick background: the AI Safety Institute was introduced in November 2023 during the AI Safety Summit, a global event held at England’s Bletchley Park, becoming the home of World War II code breaker.

Michelle Donelan, UK Secretary of State for Science, Innovation and Technology (Photo: Michelle Donelan’s official website)

3- Launch of GPT-4o surges ChatGPT’s mobile app revenue

The ChatGPT mobile app’s net revenue went up 22% on the day of the GPT-4o launch and continued to grow in the following days, according to Appfigures. On Tuesday, net revenue was up to USD900,000, nearly twice that of the app’s daily average of $491,000. (The net revenue figure is calculated after Apple and Google charge their commission.)

Before this, ChatGPT’s second-biggest spike was in April, but it was much smaller: merely an abnormally high revenue day, not a massive jump, according to Techcrunch.   

The ChatGPT mobile app earned USD4.2 million in net revenue across both the App Store and Google Play from May 13 to 17, Appfigures found. Here are the top countries contributing to mobile revenue of ChatGPT: US (USD1,8 million), Germany (USD282,000), the U.K. (USD212,000), Japan (USD210,000), France (USD147,000), Canada (USD134,000), Korea (USD123,000), Brazil (USD117,000), Australia (USD102,000) and Turkey (USD89,000). Let me add that App Store was the largest contributor with 81%.

Launch of GPT-4o surges ChatGPT’s mobile app revenue (Image: Getty Images)
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