HAVELSAN’s answer to Zoom: Diyalog

The Turkish alternative for Zoom and other video conferencing platforms is on the way

HAVELSAN developed Diyalog, a video conference platfrom, to be launched in May. The platform aims to  provide a secure medium for video communication.

The reason why HAVELSAN developed such a platform is that as people stayed at home to work. So employees started using various apps and platforms to communicate with their colleagues, such as Zoom, Skype and Microsoft  Teams etc. But ssome of those platforms raised security concerns, especially for the public institutions.

HAVELSAN, as a full subsidiary of Turkish Armed Forces, claims Diyalog to offer a highly secure enviroment  specifically designed for remote workers. The company said Diyalog is expected to gain traction, mostly  from public institutions.

Thanks to its mobile-friendly interface HAVELSAN Diyalog, can be used on iOS and Android smart phones. Here are some specs of the platform: end-to-end encryption, screen sharing, secure voice calls, videoconferencing, messaging. Plus, HD and 4K image support and adaptive image quality adjustment are also available.

Cybersecurity verification completed

Ahmet Hamdi Atalay, CEO at HAVELSAN, said cybersecurity verification is completed for Diyalog.. Adding that it will be possible to communicate securely without a limit on the number of meeting participants or the time, Atalay emphasized Diyalog will be at service of users without installing any application. Diyalog will run on several web browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Mozilla, Tizen and Vivaldi, said Atalay.

Founded in 1982, HAVELSAN does not only develop and produce technology in defence, security and information sectors, along with high technology and software solutions developed in-house, but also combines its own solutions and products with the solutions and products of other firms included in its business ecosystem, thus being able to present end to end solutions to its customers.

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