Start-up support for Syrians by ENHANCER Project

The project operates in 11 cities with 26.4 million € project budget

The button was pressed for the ENHANCER Project (Development of Entrepreneurship Capacity for Socio-Economic Adaptation Project), which aims to contribute to the integration of Syrians under temporary protection into socio-economic life Çetin Ali Dönmez, Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, spoke at the introductory meeting of the project and said “We are launching a new project for the Syrians under protection in the regions with the support of the Development Agencies. Our Development Agencies are very experienced and successful in making projects. Especially technology-related projects will be studied. We want to start the startups with our Syrian friends.”

European Union Delegation to Turkey President Ambassador Christian Berger stated “the European Union will, as before, support projects that increase immigrant’s access labor market in Turkey.” and continued “This project supports policies that improve their integration. In this century, the economic performance of countries and their success in innovation depend on the steps taken in digital technologies. EU and Turkey in this project will support the development of the digital economy.”

ICMPD ( International Centre for Migration Policy Development) President Michael Spindelegger supporting project stated “The Project on Improving Entrepreneurship Capacities for Sustainable Socio-Economic Integration”. He said that the aim of the project, which has a budget of 26.4 million Euros, financed by the European Union, is to integrate Syrian migrants into socio-economic life by establishing and developing their jobs and increasing their participation in the workforce.

Details of the project

The aim of the project is to contribute to the mutual harmonization between Syrians under temporary protection (SuTPs)  to the local host communities (LHCs) through improving entrepreneurship and livelihood opportunities

Within the scope of the project, activities are being conducted to increase entrepreneurship activities of Syrians and Turkish citizens and to developed local entrepreneurship ecosystems for effective and inclusive services while contribution to the policy-making, implementation and its coordination at the central & local level will also be targeted.

The project operates in 11 provinces including İstanbul, Şanlıurfa, Gaziantep, Adana, Mersin, Bursa, İzmir, Ankara, Konya, Kayseri, and Hatay. Approximately 12.1 million € has been allocated for grant support to entrepreneurs and local institutions among the total of 26.4 million € project budget.

The project has an essential role for SuTPs to establish and develop their businesses, to integrate into socio-economic ecosystem by participating in the workforce, providing their livelihoods, as well as to contribute to the local economy by creating additional employment and paying taxes. About more than 7.000 Syrian businesses still contribute to the local production, exports and employment, with an average of 9 employees per business.

The main project approach focuses on (i) marketable commercial products and services outside the region, (ii) products and services that can add value to local value chains, (iii) job opportunities with potential for growth, to support the social cohesion process of SuTPs. Thus, it is aimed to reduce the social tension that may occur due to the vicious competition cycle of businesses such as grocery stores and barbers that offer products or services to the local market or for other low quality jobs among the vulnerable sections of LHCs and SuTPs  and to establish firms that have the potential to create a win-win situation for both groups.

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