Effects of COVID-19 in various industries in Turkey: Deloitte

The consultancy highlighted the effects of the pandemic, including social and technological views

Deloitte Turkey, part of global consultancy company, analyzed the effects of COVID-19 for various industries in Turkey. The report is called “Global Report on Covidien-19 Effects of Different Categories epidemic in Turkey”, covered the percentage of the sectors affected by the epidemic in 42 sub-categories and the forecasted recovery rates.

Below I’m sharing the highlights from the report:

Education and working life shifted home, video conferencing and distance education systems such as Skype, Zoom and Education ICT Network (EBA) were separated from other categories with a 15-fold growth. EBA is Ministry of National Education’s system that started in 2012 and provides online education for primary schools, middle schools and high schools.  

– Following online shopping, another necessity of living at home, remote food shopping went up quickly. In this category, compared to discount market chains, national markets chains, digitalization investments, strong logistics and home distribution infrastructures and e-commerce experiences increased almost twice.

– The quickest growing categories following the pandemic in line with by streaming-TV, media, pets, games, clothing and footwear. Companies that have adapted to e-commerce early are less affected by the process.

-Social media, which gains more than 3 times interaction of conventional media, has limited performance in the pandemic period.

Other remarkable trends

Since consumers switched to vitamin, honey and herbal products, healthy nutrition category is on the rise.

-Personal care, underwear, cosmetics, books, fuel and discount markets were among the winners of the pandemic.

-Platforms that provide services such as house cleaning, car rental, transportation and repairs decreased sharply due to the consumers’ shifting their needs in order to reduce the risk of disease transmission and save money.

– One of the industries most affected by the decrease in social interaction was sexual health products. The downward trend in demand for products such as condoms is expected to continue in the future as well.

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