Performance of Middle Eastern brands in social in COVID-19 days

Some Turkish brands and influencers perform better than other countries in the region

Socialbakers, a social media marketing and monitoring company, published the social media performances of companies in Middle East. The total number of followers for brands industry in the Middle East increased on both Instagram and Facebook in Q1 ’20, according to the report. This is in harmony with the  global trend in number of followers, which went up by 0.32% on Facebook and by 4.19% on Instagram in the last quarter, the report said. As for the interactions for the brands in the Middle East, the report added, the engagement increased on Facebook in the last quarter. I  collected the below data from the report.

Top regional influencers mentioning brands profiles on Instagram

Pelin Akil Altan has the highest interactions and she is followed  by Dordel_ and Ali Farzan.

Top influencers mentioning brands on Instagram

In this graph, the top influencers mentioning brands on Instagram include deanabanana, Flor De La Rosa and Pelin Akil Altan.

Top brands profiles cooperating with influencers on Instagram

The other part of the issue is about brands side and the below graph shows the The top Brands profile associated with  Instagram influencers in the Middle East is Sendoyne Türkiye that 10  mentions from 10 influencers.

Top performing pages on Facebook

For brands in the Middle East, the top performing brands page on Facebook is Etihad Airways, with 12,7 million interactions on 49 posts.

Top performing profiles on Instagram

For brands in the Middle East, the top performing brands profile on Instagram is A101, as a discount market chain, that  has 6.3 million  followers and produced 14.3 million  interactions on 591 posts.

Top posts on Facebook

Etihad Airways managed to completely skyrocket Facebook performance in the region as a whole, creating 2.3 million interactions with their top three tops.

Top posts on Instagram

Ebebek generated 469.269 interactions followed by Alsaif Gallery with 425.596 interactions. Asan Pardakht is #3 with 300.000 interactions.

Social media landscape

When it comes to audience size in the Middle East, the number of followers for the 50 biggest Instagram accounts in brands is lower than the number of fans for the 50 biggest Facebook accounts. Activity volume and user engagement on Instagram are both higher than on Facebook.

Total interactions distributions by industries on Instagram

The graph said retail category is well ahead than e-commerce category. Fashion category is just after e-commerce while services, airlines, beauty, retail food and finance are the followers.

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