Kalyon PV aims USD100 million investment in 2024

Kalyon PV aims to realize technology transformation and make an investment of USD100 million in 2024

Last week I was invited to Kalyon PV, a solar power factory located in Ankara Başkent Organized Industrial Zone. In the factory I witnessed the whole processes of solar panel manufacturing, which  includes: ingot, wafer, cell and panel. Let me add that Kalyon PV is a subsidiary of Kalyon Holding.

Here are some notes about the Kalyon PV factory:

-The first phase was opened in August 2020 with 500 MW,  Phase 2 in May 2021 with 1.200 MW, Phase 3 in February 2023.

-The cost of the Kalyon PV factory is USD500 mio so far. In 2024, the company is planning is additional USD100 mio.

-The factory area covers 250.000 sqm and employs more than 2.500 people, according to company’s LinkedIn profile.

During my visit at the Kalyon PV factory

Lütfi Elvan: The first facility outside of China

Lütfi Elvan, Kalyon Holding Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, delivered the opening speech, saying that, “As Kalyon PV, we have established a complete facility in the center of Turkiye. This facility is the first integrated facility in the world outside of China. We also have a large R&D center here where we have made significant investments. This facility is also a center with the semiconductor material production infrastructure required for chip production. If we, as Turkiye, are going to produce chips in the future; we can say that we are taking the first step towards this in this factory. We are happy to have reached the capacity to produce 80% of the products we import here.”  

USD500 million investment

Following Elvan, Ersan Tüfekçi, CEO at Kalyon PV, took the stage. “In our Kalyon PV factory, the Phase 1 production facility was established in August 2020 with a capacity of 500 MW. With the Phase 2 production facility, the capacity was increased to 1,200 MW in May 2021. The decision to install the Phase 3 production facility was made in September 2022, and it was put into operation as of February 2023. We started production in a short period of 5 months. The fact that it can be put into operation in such a short time is a result of Kalyon PV’s production, quality, installation, engineering and Kalyon Holding’s construction competence. With its Phase 3 production facility, Kalyon PV has now created an annual value of approximately USD500 million. This value not only meets domestic demand but also increases Turkiye’s power in exports. With the commissioning of Phase 4, we will realize a technology transformation in our Kalyon PV integrated factory,” said Ersan Tüfekçi.

By the way, I published a story about The Karapınar Solar Energy Plant, which is run by Kalyon Holding.

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