Introducing Turkish startups: Kimola

Kimola analyzes human behavior with Machine Learning to support companies for better marketing, sales and communication strategies

Founded in 2014, Kimola is a data analytics company that focuses on consumer insights. The company has two types of business models, based on analysis and consultancy. As for COVID-19’s affect on their business, Mustafa Savaş, Founder and CEO at Kimola, told me that their client numbers and the dashboard usage of the current clients climbed up in these days since using digital channels became the fastest and easiest way to understand changes in consumer behavior. Here is Mustafa Savaş told me.

What does Kimola do? Can you explain it?

Kimola is a data analytics company focused only on consumer insights. As a SaaS company, our mission is to bring technology in consumer research and support brands with data-driven strategies. We develop products that analyze human behavior with Machine Learning & AI to support companies for better marketing, sales, and communication strategies.

What are your main solutions, and who are the target audience of those solutions?

At Kimola, we offer SaaS products to save time in consumer research for marketers and researchers. Kimola had more than six products that were used by hundreds of marketers and researchers since 2014. In 2018, we decided to merge all those products under Kimola Analytics, a Social Research Platform. The platform helps marketers to fully understand their consumers’ motivations and needs and analyze the lifestyle of a consumer group from their Interests to Demographics, from their TV watching habits to Celebrity, Brand choices.

What is your business model? Can you pass some details?

We have two different models for brands, research companies, and advertising agencies. The first one is “Analyze it yourself”: Companies use our dashboard, and their team analyzes the data. The second one is a consultancy model that makes the Kimola team responsible for providing analysis and actionable insights with marketing strategies to help them sell better and get closer to their consumers.

What type of technologies are you using for your work?

We use Machine Learning and our own AI algorithm for different purposes in consumer research. Machine Learning helps us to classify millions of consumer opinions automatically. Other than that, our AI algorithm copies conventional research methods to choose the best sampling of social media accounts for consumer research to separate human profiles from bots.

Around two years ago, you raised funding. Are you planning future investments?

Yes. We have been going after new markets in Northern Europe these days, and it started very well. As soon as we hit our traction goals, we will work on a bridge round.

How did COVID-19 change your business? Did you notice anything unusual?

Both our client numbers and the dashboard usage of our current clients climbed up in these days since using digital channels became the fastest and easiest way to understand changes in consumer behavior. It surely fastened the digitalization of brands and effected the basics in the consumer research business.

I know you have an office also in San Francisco. What are you doing in the US? How is it going so far?

It’s not just the office, but we also became Kimola Inc. last year. We spent the first three months setting up the operations, such as choosing our global PR agency and also a sales agency in the US. Afterwards, we started interviewing marketing managers and advertising agencies. Understanding the market to position our Social Research Platform ( was essential for us. After the first three months, we started building up our sales partners and sales channels to fasten our sales in the US. We also met Professor Gülnur Tumbat, who works at San Francisco University, who officially became our Advisory Board Member a couple of months ago. We are not just supporting US-based brands who want to understand their consumers better; we also support Turkish (B2C) brands with our research consultancy who are trying to sell their products in the US market.

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