Digital donations via digital wallet BKM Express reaches TR 10 million

It has been 5 years and BKM Express mediated 400.000 transactions and helped more than 120 NGOs with digital donations

Digital donations via BKM Express, Turkey’s digital wallet, reached TR 10 million (USD 1.6 million) in  5 years. Interbank Card Center’s (BKM) digital wallet BKM Express started digital donations around 5 years ago and the total donations reached TR 10 million by the end of Feb 2020. So far BKM Express mediated 400.000 transactions and helped more than 120 NGOs to receive funds.

How digital donation works

So, how does the digital donation work? First , you need to download the BKM Express mobile app. Than jump to “Pay with QR Code” option and scroll down to see which NGO that you want to donate. And the same process goes for the desktop version: Go to BKM Express “bağış” (donation) tab and as you scroll down you will see NGOs with bar codes. As you scan the codes with your smart phone, you can choose the amount you want to donate. This is all actually. By the way for the desktop version, you can print out which NGO you donated and announce it the people around you by hanging on the walls. Here are some examples for those NGOs: Search and Rescue Association (AKUT), Down Syndrome Association of Turkey, The Hope Foundation for Children with Cancer (KAÇUV) and The Turkish Foundation for Combating Soil Erosion, for Reforestation and the Protection of Natural Habitats (TEMA).

Digital donation as the CEO’s vision

I believe this is about the vision of Dr. Soner Canko, BKM’s CEO, vision. He’s trying to push the donation culture all over his company. Now it becomes a thing and people became aware of such a culture. On the other hand if you happen to go to BKM’s cafetaria and want to buy a coffee for yourself, you can see small donation machines. After your donation you can get your coffee, no limits for the donation by the way. One more thing: BKM is also publishing with some books and industrial reports that are unique for the industry and media. Those reports, ranging from fintech to entrepreneurship, can be downloaded with a small amount of donations.

P.S: Dr. Soner Canko quit effective on April 30. Celal Cündoğlu will act for him by May 1.

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