AWS launches AWS Outposts in Turkey

AWS’s new service helps business to process data locally and brings low latency

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud business, announced that it introduced AWS Outposts in Turkey. The company organized a launch event in Istanbul on Jan 9, which I also attended.  Here is what AWS Outposts does: The AWS Outposts rack is an industry standard 42U form factor, 180 centimeters of rack space for equipment such as servers, network switches or routers. Outposts brings the same AWS infrastructure, services, APIs, and tools to virtually any datacenter or co-location space. Outposts rack provides AWS compute, storage, database, and other services locally, while still allowing businesses to access the full range of AWS services available in the Region for a stable hybrid cloud environment.

What does AWS Outposts promise to Turkish market?

With the introduction of Outposts in Turkey, customers will be able to use AWS services to run their workloads and data at their on-prem facilities in the country, and connect to the nearest AWS Region for management and operations. AWS Outposts enables customers and partners to run key AWS services in their own data centers while connecting to a wide range of services across the AWS global infrastructure. Outposts is an ideal solution for workloads that require low-latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, and migrating applications with local system dependencies. These applications may need to produce near real-time responses to end-user applications, communicate with other on-prem systems, or control on-site equipment. Those applications can cover workloads in factories, real-time patient diagnosis or medical imaging, and content and media streaming for automated processes performed on the production floor. Outposts can also help meet data residency requirements. Let me add that AWS launched Outposts in 2019. (By the way I have a story about Odine, which is running Turkcell’s, Turkey’s no 1 telco by subscriber, infrastructure on cloud).  

AWS Outposts brings local data process and low latency

Burak Aydın, CEO at AWS Turkey, delivered a speech at the event, saying, “…Our local customers can leave the heavy workload of infrastructure management to us while they focus on developing offerings that enhance customer experiences and improve business performance. AWS Outposts enables customers to process data locally and helps unlock innovation across a variety of industries by supporting applications that require low latency or data residency, such as high-quality, multiplayer gaming experiences, production management systems and medical diagnostics”

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