Introducing Turkish startups: Pepapp

Pepapp is based on the saying that “pep in your step”, meaning you are cheerful and happy. Now the start-up is 5 years and aims to expand with new features

Pepapp offers more that basic period tracking app, accoring to the founders, Berke Uygun and Emrah Yiğit. Currently focusing on the Turkish and English speaking markets, Pepapp is working to expand  English offering and grow in those markets. Pepapp recently received two rounds of funding and planning and want to add new features to the app. I spoke to Berke Uygun and Emrah Yiğit and here what they told me.

-First, let’s start with the meaning of ‘Pepapp’: what does it mean? What is Pepapp doing exactly?

Pepapp is an app that brings you some pep! There’s a saying that you’ve got “pep in your step” meaning you’re cheerful, happy, have good attitude, etc. At Pepapp we’re focused on bringing a little pep to our users every day.

-What are the main specs of Pepapp?

Pepapp is so much more than a basic period tracking app. We offer users health and wellness advice catered to their individual needs and a vast range of articles on everything from relationships to health and popular culture. The Turkish app includes some great content like yoga and horoscopes and we’ve recently launched the PepStore where our users can bid in auctions for some really amazing prizes.

-How long have you been in the market? And what did change since then?

Pepapp has been around since the end of 2015, our user base has changed and got a lot larger since then. Over the last few years our product has changed quite a bit as we’ve added lots of new features like premium, the PepStore and our soon to be launched Pregnancy mode. About 1 year ago we also expanded into the global market.

-In how many countries is Pepapp available? Are you planning to expand more countries?

Pepapp is available globally but is currently focusing on the Turkish and English speaking markets. At the moment we’re working to expand our English offering and grow in those markets.

-Can you mention the download figures? What are the top 5 countries?

Pepapp has been downloaded by over 3 million users. Our top 5 countries are Turkey, Germany, the USA, United Kingdom and the Netherlands.


-You have been storing very sensitive data of women. How do you protect those data?

The security of our users’ data is extremely important and we take this responsibility very seriously. We, like many companies, use the most secure encryption methods to secure passwords so even in the case of a data breach all of our data is secure. Our data is stored on the very secure Amazon AWS system.

-I noticed you have been providing useful content in your website for your audience. Who is/are writing your articles?

Our editorial team works with experts in many fields to bring our users quality, informative and interesting content on many subject.

-Currently you received two rounds of investments. How will you use those investments?

We have been working with our investors to produce some really great new features for our users. We have recently launched the PepStore which is very exciting and offers our users the opportunity to bid on really exciting products and win amazing prizes, all for free! Our next feature that we will be launching is the Pregnancy Mode. We really want to be there for our users, not only throughout their cycles, but also throughout their pregnancies.

Image: Berke Uygun (left) and Emrah Uygun, Co-Founders at Pepapp

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