Apple Turkey increases prices up to 30% on almost every product

Price hikes are valid as of July 1 and iPhone SE is the only product that keeps the same price

Apple Turkey increased prices up to 30% almost on every product, according to Daily Sabah. Price hikes are valid by July 1.

iPhone 11 Pro Max (512GB), the flagship model of the brand, is now being sold for TL 16,349 ($2,385) as of July 1 with the new price hike that came amid increasing exchange rates. The previous price was TL 14,999 ($2,188).

Prices of the Apple products remain very high, considering that the minimum wage in Turkey stands at TL 2,324 (around $340) a month. The wage was increased by 15% from TL 2,020 as of January.

The new iPhone SE is the only smartphone model whose price remained the same.

Most striking hike comes from Mac Pro

iPad models were also hit by the price hikes. The starting price of the new 11-inch iPad Pro released three months ago increased from TL 6,399 to TL 6,699.

The starting price of the third-generation iPad Air, which already saw a price increase of TL 500 three months ago, was announced as TL 4,199, up from TL 3,999. Similarly, the price of the iPad mini increased from TL 3,199 to TL 3,399. The 10.2-inch iPad model’s price rose from TL 2,499 TL to TL 2,799.

The recently released MacBook Air, which previously had a starting price tag of TL 7,999, is now being sold at prices starting at TL 8,699.

The price of the 16-inch MacBook Pro also rose from TL 18,299 to TL 20,199. The price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro remained the same.

The price hikes of Apple Turkey were not limited to hardware products; the company’s accessories also witnessed an increase. The prices of the Apple Watch Series 5 models increased by TL 400, Series 3 models by TL 250 and Apple Watch bands by TL 70. AirPods Pro, which was previously sold for TL 1,899, had an updated price tag of TL 2,099, while AirPods’ price increased from TL 1,099 to TL 1,299.

One of the most striking hikes was for the Mac Pro. The tower-type model, which previously had a sales price of TL 42,999, is now being sold from TL 52,199 – an increase of TL 9,200.

P.S: TL fluctuates against USD. Nowadays $1=TL6.85.


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