Introducing Turkish startups: Ekmob

As a SaaS start-up, Ekmob is active in 53 countries and planning to expand more countries

Ekmob is a sales force automation tool and focuses on improving productivity of the sales teams. On the other hand, company executives will be able to monitor their teams performances instantly. “Who is outperforming? Which team members closes most deals? Who has the best sales per visit ratio? Are we making meaningful visits? Are we missing our customers? Today companies like Pirelli, NN Insurance, ING, Novartis and BAT are easily getting those answers by using Ekmob,” said Sunay Şener, CEO and Founder at Ekmob. Here it what Şener told me.

What is Ekmob? What are you doing exactly? 

Ekmob is a sales force automation (SFA) tool. A mobile CRM designed for field sales teams. Ekmob focuses on improving productivity, minimizing time spent on reporting and increasing sales.

Field sales teams open their mobile application and easily enter their notes, upload photos, fill out forms and take orders via a user friendly application. Ekmob is designed by salespeople so its intuitive design makes salespeoples life easier. Ekmob matches geolocation data with the visit made so it shows the quality of the statements.

Managers can monitor all activities instantly. Where is my team? Are they making their visits? How many visits my team have done today? They can easily get the answers just by looking at the system. They can easily check their teams schedule and assign them activities as well. So they can track the process with real time data, not regarding statements.

Ekmob shows the direct affect of visits to sales. Who is outperforming? Which team members closes most deals? Who has the best sales per visit ratio? Are we making meaningful visits? Are we missing our customers? Today companies like Pirelli, NN Insurance, ING, Novartis and BAT are easily getting those answers by using Ekmob.

What is your business model?

We provide a service. We change the sales culture of the company. We continuously develop our product and provide the best support whenever needed. We have 2 options, 159 TL per user per month and 99 TL per user per month. The expensive package includes integration with CRMs and ERP systems.

Other than field teams, how can companies use Ekmob?

Companies can use our Pipeline Management feature. They can easily see and analyze all their customers and the stage of the lead. They can oversee possibilities and manage their sales cycle from a single screen.

I know you are active in more than 40 countries. When you compare with Turkey, what are the main differences in terms of using your services? Can you give some examples?

Actually we are active in 53 countries. The main difference is support. In Turkey our customers want quick solutions and call assistance. But when we are dealing with Africa or Europe, they send us e-mails, they use ticket systems and do not need phone calls. It has 2 advantages at our side – 1. We can easily report recurring problems/needs. 2. We can track our success of the team’s performance.

Are you planning to expand to different countries?

Yes. We’ll be addressing Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary and United Kingdom.

Since the launch of your company, you raised two rounds of investments. Are you planning future investments?

Yes, we have an ongoing deal. You can hear from us very soon.

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