99% of Turks heard about cryptocurrencies: research

Paribu held a survey on awareness and perception of cryptocurrencies in Türkiye

On 22nd Sept I was invited to Paribu’s Cryptocurrency Awareness and Perception Research event that took place at Istanbul Modern, which is a contemporary art museum. Having conducted by Future Bright Group, a consultancy, this has been the 4th edition of the research and it provides data on how the Turkish people view cryptocurrencies. Currently Paribu, one of the major crypto currency exchanges in Türkiye, has 6 million users with USD1.5 billion daily trade volume, according to company officials.(By the way, you can see my interview here with Boğaziçi Ventures, a VC investing in also to blockchain)

Selected results from cryptocurrency research

Here’s the brief methodology of the survey: It covered 11 cities of Türkiye and run by CAPI (computer-assisted personal interview). More than 2,000 people have been interviewed with A,B,C1 and C2 socio-economic status at the ages of 18-55.

Below you can see some results of the survey:

-The awareness rate of cryptocurrencies is 99%.
-39% of the respondents think that cryptocurrencies will be used more in the future
-29% of women who hear about cryptocurrency make transactions.
-8 out of 10 people who trade know that cryptocurrencies  run under blockchain technology.
-The preference domestic exchange platforms is 64%.
-1 in 2 people trading cryptocurrencies are expecting high gains.
-7 out of every 10 people trading crypto currencies trust crypto currencies
-29% of the respondents use cryptocurrencies as an investment/saving tool, followed by real estate(30%).

You can see the full results of the survey here (in Turkish)

Photo (from left) Akan Abdula (CEO at Future Bright), Yasin Oral (CEO at Paribu, the third gentleman in the middle, with a with shirt) and the Paribu Research team

Expectations get clearer towards cryptocurrencies: CEO

Yasin Oral, CEO at Paribu, evaluated the results of the research and said: “We see the impact of technological developments in the ecosystem and regulatory efforts handled globally. The results show us that the awareness and usage rate of cryptocurrency increases year by year. Likewise, we observe a significant increase in trust in crypto money. It is possible to say that users’ expectations and preferences are clearer than in previous years. Depending on the dynamics in the industry, we predict that the awareness of other technological concepts that come into our lives with blockchain, as well as crypto money, will increase in the coming years.”

Main image: Yasin Oral, CEO at Paribu

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